Laser Seekers

SHILAT’s Expertise

SHILAT has developed over the years a wide range of Seekers, which have all been adapted to fit specific customer needs. A CMOS sensor with proprietary technology and algorithms, is the core to the success of SHILAT’s Laser Seekers.

The “Spot-On” companion to SHILAT’s Seekers

SHILAT’s Laser Seekers hold a notable edge as they seamlessly pair with SHILAT’s miniature, low-cost CW laser designators. This unique capability facilitates extending the use of laser guided munitions beyond special forces, into regular ground forces.

These lightweight Designators can be easily integrated into small UAS/UAV payloads or small handheld targeting devices.

A wide range of Electro Optical Solutions

SHILAT has developed over the years many projects of all sorts, according to needs and requirement of customers.