Key Advantages

•  Enables stiff-neck (strapdown) laser seeker configuration
•  Low cost:
–  Based on CMOS silicon image sensors
–  Supporting large FOV without gimbals
•  Legacy compatibility with pulsed laser designators (Nato STANAG 3733), and support for CW laser designators.
•  High sensitivity: 10-15x better than 4Q, higher detection ranges (2-3x) vs 4Q
•  Exact target location allowing accurate, “smooth” guidance
•  Spot(s) shape analysis supporting smart guidance decisions
•  Saturation immunity enables tracking until last few meters
•  Can be used as a combined “Laser/TV Seeker”

SHILAT's Semi-Active (SAL) Laser Seekers General Specs


– High resolution (1280×1024) CMOS
– Wide Field Of View (i.e. 38°x30°), Non-Gimbal Approach
– Low SWaP-Cost
– Detection based on signal processing algorithm
– Automatic detection for NATO STANAG 3733 coded & CW laser
– High Immunity to:

  • Counter Measures
  • Optical Disruptions
  • Saturation at short range
    – Option for dual-mode homing (SAL+EO)

– Applicable for Mortars, Rockets, PGM, Drones & 40mm rounds
– Technology allows “see spot” for observation and designation
– Optical Proximity Fuse (OPF) Option

Power Consumption<5W
Resolution1280×1024 pixels
Optical alignment1mrad, can be digitally calibrated
Latency<5 mSec
RangeUp to 8,000m ( can be more – depending on designator)
Communication channelsTwo RS-422 full duplex channels

Please note: The pictures below are presented to show SHILAT’s capabilities. However, some are existing customer products which are not available for sale.

High Impact Seeker

As used in IDF’s “Iron Sting” laser guided mortar, SHILAT’s High Impact Seeker withstands the massive shock from the Mortar propulsion. Max. diameter: 75mm.

Versatile Seeker

SHILAT’s Versatile Seeker is a smaller and lighter version of the “High Impact” Seeker. Max. diameter: 62mm.

High Altitude Seeker

SHILAT’s High Altitude Seeker is designed to work at a wide range of temperatures, specifically sub-zero temperatures, with sensor temperature regulation, for air-dropped missiles and projectiles.

Mini High Impact Seeker

With an outer diameter of only 50mm, The Mini High Impact Seeker is a miniature version of the High Impact Seeker.

Custom Shaped Seeker

The Custom Shaped Seekers are designed to be used inside a payload which has limited space and needs a special shape to be integrated.

Full Ogive Seeker

The Full Ogive Seekers are complete Ogive Front delivered by SHILAT to customers. These Seekers include SHILAT’s optics and electronics, image stabilization and laser proximity sensors for near-target detonation.

Full Ogive Seeker NG

SHILAT’s Full Ogive Seeker NG is a newer version of the “Full Ogive” seeker. It has more electronics and capabilities.