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  • Payload based on unique patented Electro-Optic concept,

  • enables very high quality aerial imaging capability

  • it can identify a person from a distance of 5km

  • Very light weight and miniature dimensions

  • Does not require flight permits

  • Ultra-high optical magnification

  • Unique image stabilization

  • Up to 800m AGL flight altitude

  • Secure fiber-optic image transfer

  • Withstanding and operating in severe environments

  • Quick deployment (<15 minutes in field conditions)

  • Simple to operate

  • Compact package, deployed from small vehicle

  • Low maintenance and operation costs

  • Day & Night capabilities, 360° coverage



Border Patrol 
Emergency and Disaster Management
Traffic Control and Traffic  Low Enforcement 
Coast Guard
Law Enforcement, Crime and Violence Prevention 
Broadcast of News
and Sporting Events 

Combined with a night vision payload, Hawk Eye gives powerful coverage of border activity. With a 5 km recognition range and up to 800m flight altitude, it provides wide-area coverage even under adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, the system can be operated from a patrol vehicle driving at speeds of up to 40km/h, with the system aloft several hundreds of meters above the vehicle and streaming high quality video.

Hawk Eye is a very effective tool for disaster management, fire prevention, and forest fire alert. It has played an active role in rescue and recovery by the IDF rescue units.  

Hawk Eye is in use by police forces for identifying and apprehending road offenders.  The system automatically follows the target and records the event until arrest by responding forces. These records have been approved by the Israeli authorities as evidence acceptable in a court of law.

The combination of very high image stabilization, operational safety and ease of use, combined with the absence of any licensing or permit requirements, make Hawk Eye an attractive tool for aerial coverage of news and sporting events. The system is widely used for this application, giving broadcasters a special vantage point and strategic coverage capabilities.

With very fast deployment, and the ability to operate undisturbed in a crowded urban environment, Hawk Eye is the ideal solution for aerial observation, surveillance and control from a range of several kilometers.

Under low observation capabilities typical of marine environments, Hawk Eye provides a breakthrough in coast guard observation and control. With simple deployment, combined with the ability to operate when the marine vessel is sailing at speeds of up to 20 knots and in strong winds, Hawk Eye is the ideal solution for marine observation. 

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